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Welcome to District on 53rd

District on 53rd is a Foodhall inspired by street food to gourmet eats. Inspired by world travels, we’re bringing the world to you.


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Nibbles & Cravings

Plantain chips

P 150

Wasabi Infused – Mac & Cheese “Arancini”

P 180


P 255

Polenta – Crusted Fish ‘Anchovy’

P 190

Breaded olives

P 255

Mussels Crispy – Cinnamon Rice

P 280

Prawn crackling

P 120

Lechon Sisig

P 240

Nacho Cubano

P 260

Fresh Station District

Southern Charm

P 290

Asian Nation

P 285

Heart Of Cebu

P 265

Marakesh Fix

P 285

Nepalese Bowl

P 285

Mega Life Salad

P 275

Sandwhich District

Sesame Bun

P 340


P 285

“Panini” tina

P 290

Black Bun

P 320

Noodle & Soup Bar

Braised beef short ribs

P 295

Fresh egg “Taglioni Pasta”

P 395

Crispy noodles with Seafood

P 390

Noodle Seafood “Laksa”

P 380


P 315

Rice Noodle Lamb Stew

P 390

Stir-Fry Soba noodle

P 320

Beetroot Ravioli

P 275

Earth stone Oven

French duck Leg Confit

P 395

Stuffed Shitake Mushrooms

P 295

District Lechon

P 650

House smoked baked gindara

P 430

Lamb Shank

P 450

“Lahmacun” Turkish Oval Pide

P 395

Lebanese flat bread roll

P 330

World Cuisine

Binagoongan Fried Rice

P 75

Brown Rice

P 95

Red Snapper

P 450

Stir fried Prawns

P 460


P 300

Pork Adobo

P 320

U.S. Beef seared beef on Lava Hot Stone

P 495

Raw Atlantic Salmon on Lava Hot Stone

P 460

Porcini fondue

P 620


Pistachio lamb shish kebab

P 430

Fried Eggplant Lasagna

P 280


P 250

Cumin chicken

P 320

Quinoa Tempura Dory

P 395

Charcoal Grill

Grilled Lamb leg (Australian)

P 500

Beef + Chicken Satay

P 455

Whole Fish Seabass

P 580


P 430

Organic whole baby chicken

P 385